EFT avec Olesya Boyer

        MATRIX Reimprinting® was created by Karl Dawson, who was among the first EFT Practitioners trained by Gary Craig.
MATRIX Reimprinting uses EFT and is based on the principle that we keep in our energy fields the traumatic events from our past. Karl Dawson calls these parts of self, often dissociated, non accessible to our consciousness and blocked in our energy fields – « Energetic Consciousness Holograms » (or ECHOES). « 
         Sometimes, during our lifetime, trigger elements come into resonance with our past. Thoughts, original trauma-related emotions will resurface and overwhelm our bodies in unexplained manner, either as a phobia, anxiety attack, allergic reaction, a behavior of addiction… disproportionate reactions to the situation in which we currently find ourselves.
        MATRIX Reimprinting, thanks to EFT, allows to reconnect with these original events, transform the memory and emotional intensity associated with it. This cleansing of our traumatic memory will change the impression in our energy fields. Past events are not changed, nor forgotten or erased, but their memory and their mark will be changed from an energy point of view.
         MR allows you to positively transform the impact of our past on our being and so on our lives present and future.
         It is a powerful and at the same time gentle energy psychology technique…

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